“I never saw a bigger world than from a little tent at Cashu.”

Nigel Pitman
“This is my very favorite place on the planet. Not that I've seen them all by any means. But still, it will remain on top no matter what. I feel so very fortunate to know Cashu intimately. May it stay wild and pure forever.”

Melisse Reichman
“I stayed in Cashu as a student in August 2007 and within my first days over there I saw a jaguar, otters, monkeys, caimans, a baby deer, a margay... you can imagine! So it certainly had an impact in my life. I am in love with the station.”

Miryam Justo
“Cocha Cashu manages to provide both a rustic and isolated situation that makes for a splendid field work environment and sufficient logistical support to accomplish good scientific research.”

Kyle Dexter
“I visited Cocha Cashu first as a young postdoctoral researcher at the Smithsonian.  During my first season of work there, I resolved to shift my research from paleontology of early angiosperm floras to patterns of biodiversity and biogeography of lianas in neotropical forests.  Cocha Cashu was so well run, the forests so precious, and the opportunities so obvious, that the transition was logical: the only thing I could do! I have never looked back, never regretted that transition for an instant.  I have had several subsequent field seasons there, and each one gave that same appreciation for a forest that has the potential to change every life it touches.”

Robyn J. Burnham
“Cocha Cashu literally changed my life. As a Princeton graduate student with John Terborgh in the mid-1970s I helped cut and map the original trails, set the original mist-net lines for bird studies, and began to document the area's extraordinary bird and mammal diversity. I became a tropical ecologist and a passionate conservation scientist while striving to untangle the many hundreds of parts that make up Cashu's orchestral dawn choruses, and carefully measuring how eighty (80!) species of Tyrant Flycatchers make their living together at one place. I woke up each day mesmerized by the spiritual chants of Red Howler Monkeys, and closed my weary eyes most nights to the mournful whistles of tinamous and potoos. Cocha Cashu and the Manu National Park provide scientists the singular chance to study pristine American tropics squarely at the epicenter of the greatest diversity of biological life on planet Earth. Nobody who is lucky enough to work, or even visit, this amazing place will ever walk away untouched by its towering riches, nor unmoved by its timeless call to the deepest places in our human soul.”

John W. Fitzpatrick
“Para mi fue la oportunidad de compartir e intercambiar conocimiento con un grupo variado de biólogos de USA y Perú. Conversar con estudiantes, profesores, investigadores, de universidades de USA, de Perú, de Smithsonian, jóvenes y no tan jóvenes, en una comunidad de familia. Para mi eso fue Cocha Cashu. Y sigue siendo el modelo de lo que considero un centro de investigación verdadero. Sin lujos pero con la motivación de cada día por aprender algo nuevo.”

Antonio Salas
“Una de mis primeras experiencias de campo como bióloga fue Cocha Cashu, y debo decir que fue una de las experiencias que marco mi vida y mi carrera. Y es que lo que se vive y siente allá, no se encuentra en ningún otro lugar...  Las caminatas por las trochas siempre son una oportunidad de una nueva aventura, te puedes topar con muchas sorpresas: un grupo de varias decenas de huanganas husmeando, un grupo de maquisapas viajando por los árboles sobre tu cabeza, una familia tímida de monos cotos que suenan como truenos por la mañana, los sonidos de las chicharras arruyando el sueño por la noche con el cielo super estrellado que se ve lindo desde la carpa,...mil cosas,  que hacen de Cashu una experiencia única, que marca la vida, que te cambia la forma de ver la vida y de las cosas que realmente son importantes. Te refuerza el compromiso de trabajar por la naturaleza porque te hace dar cuenta de que lo vale."

Lizzy Kanashiro Diaz
"Con Cashu empezó mi descubrimiento de la vida en la naturaleza y no la cambio por nada del mundo. Extraño bastante este lugar, a su gente, las noches de happy hour, las noches de películas, las caminatas, el intercambio de culturas, la naturaleza virgen alrededor. Cashu es un lugar único, así como lo que se puede aprender porque hay mucho que aprender ahí. Si la gente conociera mas lugares como Cocha Cashu, la conservación de la naturaleza no sería un tarea solo de algunos sino un compromiso de todos porque sabrían lo que la naturaleza vale. Gracias Cocha Cashu por dejarme conocerte.”

Lizzy Kanashiro Diaz
"Cocha Cashu was a paradise, with an absolutely magnificent view of the lake and a set of well-marked forest trials. The accommodation was very simple yet everybody seemed to be comfortable with it. There was a nice, enriching scientific atmosphere, with researchers from different parts of the world. Being at Cocha Cashu opened my eyes to the astonishing world of the tropical forests and to the greatness of nature and wildlife. The research I did at Cocha Cashu was without a doubt the most exciting and rewarding research I've done so far.”

Amanda De La Torre