“I first visited Cocha Cashu in 1996 to look for a potential Ph.D. project. Since that time, I fell in love with this place and its beauty! If you wish to experience undisturbed nature, its amazing beauty, its complex ecological processes, and scientific challenges then Cocha Cashu is your place! No single species has ever been lost; many species still need to be discovered. No fragmentation, no hunting, no deforestation, or any other human impacts happen here! What you will find is a pristine natural beauty and the overwhelmingly complex ecology that occurs in the largest continuous Amazon rainforest in the world! What I want to highlight is that since working in Cashu, I met so many wonderful people with whom I shared special moments! I will never forget the moment when I arrived at Cashu as a young naïve student. Years later, I have been privileged to share this very special place with my undergraduate and graduate students! For many years now, I have been able to bring Towson University students to Cashu and teach a four-week tropical field ecology class. Many of my students described their experiences as “[this was] the best time of my life”. This is probably the most challenging class for me and the craziest time of my year. However, being able to share this unique forest with my students is just “priceless”. For all these years, I really want to thank Dr. John Terborgh, a wonderful friend and an amazing mentor who encouraged me to work at Cocha Cashu, for his incredible years of post doc mentorship, and for his amazing 30 years effort to keep Cachu one of the most amazing study sites in the tropics!"

Harald Beck
“I was a field assistant at Cocha Cashu between February and December of 2001, I worked in many countries and places and nothing come close to Cashu. Cashu is an amazing place not only for its diversity but because is very remote and pristine and the fact that you can encounter a nomadic tribes elevate Cashu to a different level. Every day during that year I encounter new adventures and species. The other great thing about Cashu is the quality of researchers, everyday some had a new story or brought a nice flower, reptile, amphibian, fruit, etc, to show to everyone, this created a unique environment that again I haven’t experienced anywhere else. My time in Cashu served as a platform to get into graduate school."

Gustavo Londoño
"Cocha Cashu was an experience like no other. To be immersed in such a pristine, natural environment was breath-taking. I loved waking up to howler monkeys, walking into spider webs, and watching the giant river otters. What a special place..."

Alison Sienkiewicz