Manu National Park

Logo-Parque-Nacional-del-ManuManu National Park is one of thirteen National Parks in Peru. It is located in Cusco and Madre de Dios, extending from the highlands in Cusco (4000m) to the Amazon floodplain at the mouth of the Manu River (300 m).

The park was established on May 29th, 1973, with an area of ​​1,532,806 ha. In 2002, the entire lower valley of Manu, which used to have the temporary status of Reserved Zone, was annexed; since then it has an area of 1,692,137 ha. Manu National Park is unique in Peru’s National System for Protected Areas (SINANPE) as being the only National Park which protects an entire watershed. It also includes a complete sample of Andean-Amazonian landscapes of southeastern Peru and a huge number of species of flora and fauna.

This Park is also home to the native people of Matsigenka, as well as other poorly known groups, known as the Mashco-Piro or Nomole, which live in voluntary isolation inside the park.

In 1977, UNESCO declared Manu National Park and adjacent areas as a Biosphere Reserve with an area of ​​1,881, 200 ha. Ten years later, in recognition of its outstanding natural value​, UNESCO added the Park to the list of “World Heritage Site.”

For more information about the natural and cultural values ​​of the Park, and how you may visit it, please explore the website of the Park.

Photo: Fortunato Rayanparq