Why Carry Out Research at Cocha Cashu?

  1. Be presented with a unique opportunity to study nature in a minimally disturbed state while being provided the infrastructure to eliminate the need for a full-blown expedition to reach such a place.
  2. Be surrounded by an unrivalled diversity of charismatic plant and animal species (from fungi to jaguars and giant otters); of aquatic and terrestrial habitats (from rich floodplain to low hills, and oxbow lake to whitewater river); and of indigenous cultures.
  3. Build on Cocha Cashu’s intellectual infrastructure and on its capacity to support your research and the research of others, thereby helping to construct a new, even brighter future for Cocha Cashu.
  4. Contribute to the better understanding, management, and conservation of the biodiversity and natural processes of Manu National Park and of tropical rainforests elsewhere.
  5. Enjoy camaraderie and a highly productive exchange of ideas and creativity with a network of top, like-minded but perhaps different-opinioned peers that will make your experience more rewarding and help move your research to a higher plane.
  6. Reconnect with nature on a more profound level than you dreamed possible, in a place where you can learn about yourself without the distractions of civilization.
  7. Be charmed by a genuine, rustic experience but with basic creature comforts.
  8. Help us revive field biology at a time when academic boots-on-the-ground study of nature is at risk of slipping into oblivion.
  9. Become part of Cocha Cashu’s legacy, standing on the shoulders of giants and joining more than four decades of scientific history.
  10. … and because someone else cooks! (most of the time).

Photo: Frank Hajek