In order to carry out any research at Cocha Cashu Biological Station in Manu National Park, PLEASE, it’s very important to contact Veronica Chavez at least two months in advance, to organize your entry to the station, due to its remote location.

It is also mandatory to sign and/or complete the forms below both for the principal investigator as well as for each assistant, if any. We will then have information about you and your assistants in case of any emergency. Please send the completed/signed forms to Veronica Chavez.

In addition to reservations, if you plan to conduct research in Manu please review the Permits section since you will need a permit from SERNANP.

The Station has limited space for offices and accommodation. Currently, we are limiting the number of people to 30. A cook will be hired when there are sufficient numbers of researchers at the Station (more than five usually), at other times the researcher will have to plan his/her meals.

Please indicate clearly and in advance the period of stay and the number of people involved in your project. We cannot guarantee immediate entry or coordination of entry if we have no prior knowledge of your plans.

Due to the increase of researchers and assistants in the EBCC and the high cost of food, transport, etc., payment of Station fees must be made in advance in order to guarantee your reservation at the station. This payment must include fees for the stay of assistants, food, and transportation. It must be deposited in the accounts of San Diego Zoo Global in the United States, after coordination with Maggie Drummond. You can request a quote for the approximate cost of your stay at Cocha Cashu. If at the end of your period of investigation there is a credit balance, this money will be refunded to you by check.

Photo: Andre BaertschiAA-0313_Andre_Baertschi