What to Expect at Cocha Cashu



There are two computers at the Station. They are open to all CCBS residents. The Lab offices are primarily for researchers; the open area at the Lab is for students. Wireless connection is available in the Lab area.

If you choose to bring your personal computer, it may be kept in your own tent unless you have research space assigned to you. We recommend a power surge protector. Although we have no history of theft, the Station cannot assume responsibility for the security of your belongings.

Equipment & Supplies

Equipment and supplies for students and researchers may be checked out in the Lab house with the Station manager.

Dining Room


Separate and wash all hard plastic (cups, lids, containers, etc.), aluminum and metal (cans, snapple lids, clean aluminum foil, etc.) and glass. Put them in the rubbish containers designated for each material. Paper, food remains, and cardboard can all be put together and disposed of in the organic container.


What is out, stays out, what is in, stays in. Please don’t store personal belongings inside the dining area, and don’t move furniture outside.

All users are responsible for removing their food and trash before they leave; don’t leave food on the tables.


The dining hall serves three meals per day, every day of the week, according to the schedule below. Every meal includes a vegetarian option.

Breakfast 6:30-8 am
Lunch 12:00 am-1:30 pm
Dinner 6-7 pm

Boxed Lunches

If you plan to spend a day in the field and do not expect to be back at the Station for lunch, you may request a boxed lunch to take with you. Please ask for it the evening prior to your field day. You should bring your own beverage container for field trips. If you’d like to avoid throwaway packaging, you may bring your own plastic lunchbox/bag and reusable containers.

IMPORTANT: All residents are responsible for keeping the Station clean!!!

Please respect the privacy and work-in-progress of our resident students and researchers. The Station is home to many species of flora and fauna. Please tread lightly and try to observe birds and animals without disturbing them. Please leave all living organisms and plants where they are, unless you are doing a research collection and have the proper permits.


For safety and emergency purposes, if you are going to be absent from camp overnight, please record your name and times of departure and arrival on the board at the lab house.

Quiet Hours & Noise

Because of demanding study schedules and the Station lifestyle, quiet hours are from 10:00 p.m. until 6:00 a.m. Any activities during these hours must be quiet and not disruptive. Please respect the varied schedules of other researchers. If you do bring a computer, iPod or mp3, make sure each is equipped with a headphone. Be considerate of your neighbors. Noise and music should not be audible outside your tent.

Photo: Anjali KumarAnjali Kumar