Cocha Cashu Google Scholar – a list of scientific publications resulting from research carried out in Cocha Cashu.

Cocha Cashu: 50 años de ciencia, educación y conservación is a catalogue (in Spanish only) produced especially to accompany our photo exhibition in June 2019 to celebrate Cashu’s 50th anniversary. In addition to showcasing the 50 photos that formed part of the exhibition, the catalogue also includes a foreword by the the head of Peru’s System for Protected Areas (SERNANP), an introduction by Cesar Flores, Director of Cocha Cashu, and an  interview with Dr. John Terborgh.

Derechos ancestrales y conservación de la naturaleza en debate: El caso de los pueblos indígenas del Parque Nacional del Manu.

This publication gives an account of the state of affairs regarding the interaction between indigenous peoples in Peru and the National System of Protected Natural Areas (SINANPE). In particular, it focuses on Manu National Park, which incorporates indigenous settlements, groups in isolation and initial contact, and a Quechua-speaking community inside its boundaries. This publication is an important contribution that will help inform the debate and actions undertaken during a time when the Master Plan of Manu National Park is being updated and when the update of the SINANPE Plan Director is about to begin.

The publication was promoted by San Diego Zoo Global as part of the Landscape Purús Manu project, funded by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, and is implemented by the following organizations: Frankfurt Zoological Society Peru (FZS Peru), Peruvian Society of Environmental Law (SPDA), ProPurús, and San Diego Zoo Global Peru (SDZG Peru).

Tito intiri Chavaropana: a bilingual conservation education booklet, in Matsigenka and Spanish, for the Matsigenka communities in and around Manu. It is aimed at children but we hope it will appeal to all ages. The main protagonists are a Matsigenka boy acting as the voice of his community and a giant otter as flagship species of the aquatic environment in particular, and of Manu National Park as a whole. The story explores the worlds and perspectives of each, as well as key conservation issues, in a non-judgmental language and in an entertaining, highly visual way.

Reporte-Manu_portadaReporte Manu 2013 – Pasión por la Investigación en la Amazonia Peruana summarises the main findings of research carried out at Cocha Cashu and the wider Manu Biosphere Reserve, roughly since 2000, with sections on forest and aquatic ecology, fauna, and the human dimension (PDF, 9.7 MB).

Cocha-Cashu-publications-updated-06-04-2020: a complete list of scientific publications resulting from research carried out in Cocha Cashu.